Offering caring and understanding counsel for life's stuggles


Offering caring and understanding counsel for life's stuggles

Christian Counseling for Men

We live in a world where men are scrutinized, evaluated, and pressured to perform with certain expectations - both at work and home.  Counselors at VCCC welcome men to explore and examine their struggles in a safe setting of respect, free from shame and condemnation.

In an environment of grace and truth, issues can be addressed by a counselor who is professionally trained and equipped.

Individual men's counseling is available to think through behaviors or beliefs that are creating conflict within the individual, relationship, or family. Since these turmoils lead to distancing and separation of close relationships - it needs to be taken care of.

Marital counseling is available to introduce tools that are designed to improve communication and intimacy.

Men's Support Groups

Support and encouragement is crucial for recovery from addictive and destructive behaviors. Men's groups are available for this purpose - with a counselor acting as a facilitator to guide the process.

Go to the Schedule Appointment page to sign up for a Men's Support Group.

Sexual Addiction and Recovery

In 2006, studies revealed that half of all men who attended church struggle with impurity issues. The percentages are likely much higher today. Yet men fear the results of sharing their struggle with their pastor or friends. They live in fear, shame, and isolation. Today's men need a safe place to express their struggles and receive the help, acceptance and support needed for recovery.

We offer both individual and group counseling for men struggling with sexual purity.

“Maybe you dabble in pornography, but your problem isn’t as bad as mine. Or maybe it is worse. But deep down, you know it is wrong and you feel ashamed. If you can stop, do it now before you become ensnared. Don’t kid yourself. You’re playing with fire. If you can’t stop, get some help. No soldier ever won a military battle on his own, and the same is true of our private battles. Besides, this is one secret that’s too dangerous to keep to yourself.”
--Testimony from a group member