Spiritual Directors at Valley Christian Counseling Center

Providing a Place of Grace & Healing to North Dakota & Western Minnesota

God is at the center of everything we do. For a person of faith, growing closer in a relationship with God is paramount. Spiritual Direction counselors provide direction and discernment.

Spiritual Direction differs from counseling in that Spiritual Direction is not need-driven but focuses on the everyday experiences of the directee and the presence of God in those experiences.  The director and directee pay attention to the Holy Spirit's leading and prompting as they talk and pray together.  The goal is for the directee to grow in experienced knowledge of God and self.

We encourage you to spend some time meeting our spiritual directors, then let us know that you are ready to make an appointment on our Schedule page.

*Spiritual director availability varies and due to the increase of appointment requests at this time, many spiritual directors have waiting lists. We are actively bringing on new providers with a desire to get you in as soon as possible.

Spiritual Direction Services

Spiritual Direction is for those who desire to grow in prayer, seek to become more aware of God’s presence in their lives, and desire to know themselves in relation to God.

Spiritual Direction involves reflective listening - giving opportunities for you to share your Spiritual Journey in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.

A Spiritual Director assists you in hearing and trusting your inner wisdom (the place where God is with you) and respond to that presence.  Spiritual Direction can help with making discerning steps.

Check out our Spiritual Direction Services page for a full description of how a spiritual director can be instrumental in your life.