You have come to the right place to begin the process of finding grace and healing!

Step 1

Pick out at least one preferred counselor

To begin, you can view our counselor’s bios and find one or two that you may want to schedule with.

To find a counselor visit our Counselors Page.

*Counselor availability varies and due to the increase of appointment requests at this time, many counselors have waiting lists. We are actively bringing on new providers with a desire to get you in as soon as possible.

Step 2

Fill out

Fill out the the contact form below.  Our staff will call you to set up an appointment using the phone number you provide. The phone number will show up as restricted on caller ID.

You can also call us at (701) 232-6224 to set up an appointment.

Step 3

Prepare for appointment

To prepare for your appointment, print out and complete the following forms.

If you are unable to print these forms, you will need to arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment to complete these in our office.


    What service are you requesting?

    Which counselors are you requesting? (Counselors Page)

    Do you have health insurance?

    Do you have an Employee Assistance Program that you would like to use? (You can contact the HR department to see if your employer offers this service.)

    Our counselors accept a variety of Health Insurances, Employee Assistance Programs, and Direct Pay options. Our friendly front desk staff will help you schedule with a counselor who best fits your needs as well as your payment method.



    Checking in for your appointment

    Main Fargo

    At our main Fargo location, you can park in our parking lot on the side side of our building. Come in through the doors on the SouthWest side of the building and into our main reception area. Our friendly receptionists will begin the check in process.

    You will want to arrive at our office 5 minutes early (or 15 to 20 minutes early if you would like to fill out the intake forms in the office).

    We have a children's waiting area for little ones who are patiently waiting. Help yourself to coffee or water.

    Fergus Falls

    Our Fergus Falls office is located 1920 College Way behind Fleet Farm.

    You will want to arrive at our office 5 minutes early (or 15 to 20 minutes early if you would like to fill out the intake forms in the office).

    A clipboard with paperwork will be sitting on the table/reception desk counter as you enter the office. Please take the clipboard and have a seat. Your counselor will be with you shortly.

    Meeting Your Counselor

    Your counselor will come meet you in our waiting room and bring you to their office for your session. Most of our counseling sessions are 45 to 60 minutes. Expect your counselor to listen carefully and ask good questions to help lay a good foundation of care for you.

    Your Next Visit

    During your first visit, you will set up a plan with your counselor that will direct your future visits and frequency.

    Contact Us

    If you wish to contact us, you can do so on our Contact Page or call us at (701) 232-6224