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Occupational Therapy Services

Why is occupational therapy important in mental and emotional wellness?

The origin of occupational therapy is in mental health; the initial belief was that participation in meaningful daily routines positively contributed toward a better quality of life. This idea launched an entire professional service realm! When it comes to mental and emotional wellness, sometimes kids/adults experience emotional or behavioral challenges stemming from a disorder and/or disruption in development that results in difficulties in daily routines; sometimes emotional or behavioral concerns are a SYMPTOM of something else!

Occupational therapy is for those who are looking to rehabilitate from a physical or mental illness. Our goal is to help you adapt and overcome to an injury, disability or illness. Valley Christian Counseling Center will help you better perform daily tasks so you can live with independence. See a full list of occupational therapy services.

Understanding how the body, from a muscular, skeletal, and sensory level, works to EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY support great quality of life is different for every person! When there are disruptions or inefficiencies within these systems, our body works against us as we struggle to change behaviors. Sometimes symptoms seem permanent or hide the real issues. Occupational therapy helps identify priorities and values, gives us the chance to dive into the symptoms to see how well our body is working FOR US and gain quality of life in what we do. There are SO MANY ways to support meaningful participation. Our Occupational Therapists are here to help you and/or your children become more fully alive.