Offering biblical guidance for your life


Offering biblical guidance for your life

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is for those who desire to grow in prayer, seek to become more aware of God’s presence in their lives, and desire to know themselves in relation to God.

Spiritual Direction involves reflective listening - giving opportunities for you to share your Spiritual Journey in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.

A Spiritual Director assists you in hearing and trusting your inner wisdom (the place where God is with you) and respond to that presence.  Spiritual Direction can help with making discerning steps.

Generally, Spiritual Direction sessions are scheduled for one hour per month - but frequency can be adjusted to suit individual needs and desires.


What is the difference between Spiritual Direction and Christian Counseling?

Spiritual Direction differs from counseling in that Spiritual Direction is not need driven but focuses on the everyday experiences of the directee and the presence of God in those experiences.  The director and directee pay attention to the Holy Spirit's leading and prompting as they talk and pray together.  The goal is for the directee to grow in experienced knowledge of God and self.

The role of the director is to provide a safe, caring environment, to listen and help the directee explore and sit with what God is offering. The focus of Spiritual Direction is not teaching or problem solving.

In contrast, Christian Counseling is a process of problem solving and treating mental health issues that can be diagnosable such as but not limited to depression, anxiety, addiction, and stress involving a Christ centered approach that may include prayer and Biblical references.

Ignatian Retreats

An Ignatian Retreat is for adults, ages 18 and up, looking to "clarify and deepen our commitments to Jesus Christ" (Sacred Listening, by James Wakefield).

The Ignatian Retreats offered at Valley include meditating on scripture, daily assignments, and weekly processing with a Spiritual Director and a small group - spiritual direction is part of the process. The Spiritual Exercises have been used for discernment and as a tool for making vocational choices. They have been adapted to be used over a 30 week period and generally runs from September to May.

Email ellen.zaeske@gmail.com to learn more about upcoming Ignatian Retreats.




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